Electric M416 Rifle With Shell Ejecting Nerf Toy Gun

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The first rifle toy that supports electric shell ejection, highly restore the shell ejection process of the M416 rifle when shooting.

We have two different styles of M416 to choose from

Type A: Only support electric shooting

Type B: Support both manual and electric shooting modes

[M416 Style Video]

The prototype of the M416 is the HK416 automatic rifle. Among many FPS games, the M416 is the most popular rifle.

1.Load the magazine, pull the charging handle, Start shooting and realize automatic shell ejection.
2.The shooting distance is about 10 meters, High-quality motors ensure the durability of the toy.
3.Traditional toys do not have the function of electric shell ejection. How can it be called an automatic rifle if it is manually loaded with a charging handle?
4.EVA safety darts, children can also play as much as they want, but be careful not to shoot the eyes and head.
5.This gun is made from high quality materials that are ensured to be safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Products include:Gun, Darts, Shells, Magazine A, Magazine B, laser sight, Sight, silencer, triangle grip, front and rear sights, strap, goggles, charging kit

Age Range: 7 y+

[M416 Style A]


[M416 Style B]


1.Is this a scam?
A.We can’t imagine that so many people will ask this question.


This is a notification document for the confiscation of our toy guns by the customs of different countries, the probability of being confiscated by customs is usually 2%.

Maybe the customs staff thought this gun was good, so they took it home and played with it.

2.What if your gun is seized by the customs?
A: Send us a picture of the seizure document and we will refund you in full, 

3.How long will it take for my items to arrive?
A.General goods take 2+ weeks and 3+ weeks for toy guns.

Toy guns are very special products. Especially the toy gun with the appearance of a real gun. We use special logistics channels and that's why it takes a bit longer than regular products.

They will be strictly examined by the customs.

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